Gday John, just a quick msg to let you know that the 4 berth float we bought from you is just magnificent our furry kids love it, we had a big downpour of rain in 1 hit of 164mm and NOT A LEAK, (215mm total), Very comfy towing, the “kids” do not get fatigued, really smooth ride now that’s saying something for NSW country roads!! I gave the float a real hard work out with VERY HEAVY braking in multiple ways & performance is AA+, the welding and “fit out” is exceptional. Thank you for an extremely top quality product.
BELCROFT – Australia’s #1 cockers in 2009, 2010 & 2011 (DOLP) LOVE their Cruising Canines … their humans LOVE the service John & Stacey give – they go beyond what we expect to help out … the new chain & clips on the doors are a great added feature for security and peace of mind! Love your attention to detail.
M.B, Belcroft Cocker Spaniels
I am wrapt with it, it’s still like the day I picked it up. It tows beautifully and I get a comment on it at every show I go to. I’m glad to say there are more and more popping up at shows now. Great service and a lot of pride put into making them. Couldnt’ be happier
Joanne M
Can thoroughly endorse Cruising Canines. Took our furbabies to Dinner Plain last winter and they were safe, secure and warm as toast in their trailer. Now have a six-month-old who has joined the pack; ‘Cyclone Denni’ and she has put the trailer through her destructive quality control processes on numerous occasions. John, I can honestly say, you have produced a ‘malamute proof trailer’ and that is no mean feat! Well done and thank you for a AAA+ quality product
Sharon E
Buying our trailer was the best investment for our babies. When we open the doors and the dogs don’t even wait to be told to get inside; they simply jump in and settle down; we just know that they LOVE having their own caravan; especially with the temperatures dropping. Every day last week, the trailer was covered in ice each morning, yet when we went to let the dogs out; their reaction was – it’s cold out there, we want to stay in here. Travelling with the dogs is a breeze and so hassle free; sometimes I find myself looking in the rear view mirror just to check that the trailer is still there; it tows beautifully.
Victor L

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