On top of the excellent standard features included in every dog float, Cruising Canines offers a wide range of extra features to suit your needs. For the dog owner requiring showering facilities, we have an extensive list of options including taps, pumps, shower heads and drainage solutions.

Scroll down to read the full list of extra features and see what you might likeā€¦

Preview of our Extra Features:

A Full List of Our Extra Features:

  • Wardrobe – Middle Rob, Front Robe, or Front Robe Combined with Caravan Front
  • Tap(s) with Guard and Hose Connection
  • Utility Shower (fitted conveniently to side of trailer, packs away)
  • Water Tank (62 litres)
  • Water Filler
  • Hose Filler
  • Manual/Pump Tap
  • 12 Volt Electric Water Pump
  • Drain Plugs in Individual Berths
  • Grab Handles
  • Electric Brakes or Hydraulic Brakes (standard on large trailers)
  • Umbrella Holders
  • Awning Tracks & Canvas Awnings
  • Internal LED lights (upgrade from standard internal lights)
  • Grooming Platform
  • Custom Size Doors
  • Crate Holder
  • Air Conditioning

…custom extras organised upon request. Just ask!